New Study Says Adolescent Dogs Act A Lot Like Teenagers

Funny stubborn beagle puppy pulling its leash with its teeth

Photo: Getty Images

We love our dogs on the show, but anyone who has had a dog, or pet in general, can tell you that sometimes they act just as stubborn as we do and apparently it happens more in adolescent dogs according to a new study!

A team of researchers and zoologists recently found that puppies and adolescent dogs were more likely to ignore their owners' instructions just like a teenager going through puberty.

The study looked at dogs when they were around six to nine months old and found that most young dogs would ignore their owners because they are trying to become more independent just like a teenager.

Luckily the same thing that happens to humans also happens to dogs in that once we grow out of our "rebellion phase" that dogs and humans will often become more obedient and closer with their mom/dad.

You can read more from the study HERE, but if your dog isn't listening to you just know that it's only phase!

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