This French Bulldog Meetup Went Viral After A Neighbor Complained

Usa, New York State, New York City, Portrait of two French Bulldogs sitting on grass

Photo: Getty Images

Does your community or neighborhood have a group of pet owners that meet up every once in a while to socialize with their dogs? You're not alone and it turns out one group of French bulldogs were so loud for a neighbor that they caused a viral debate on the Internet.

A popular French bulldog meetup at Carl Schurz Park on the Upper East Side of New York City went viral after complaints against the weekly gathering made their way to Twitter and Instagram with people taking both sides in the debate.

The non-frenchie owners complained that the park was too small for the large meetups of 15-20 dogs and that the dogs were often loud when they met, but it wasn't until several members of the dog group tried to reach out that the argument went viral on social media.

You can see the Twitter thread that details ALL the drama that happened between the dog owners and the non-dog owners of the area, but just be ready for a good time because it's some interesting tea!

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