LEGO Is Selling A Set Based On 'The Office'

Get ready to buy another LEGO set because they just revealed that a set based on The Office is releasing later this year!

Announced late last week, the new LEGO set will be based on the show's Dunder Mifflin office space and come with 15 mini-figures based on characters like Michael Scott, Dwight, Pam, Jim Halpert, and so much more.

The set will set you back $120, but it does come with 1,164 pieces so it will be well worth your monetary investment if you're an Office super-fan! Also most of the mini-figures come with an accessory like Angela's cat, Dwight's stapler in Jell-O, or Kevin with his infamous chili pot.

The set will release on October 1, but you can currently pre-order the LEGO set HERE, but fingers crossed we can get different mini-figure down the line like "Party Michael" or "Prison Mike" because our Harry Potter sets could easily mix with him!


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