YouTube’s Picture-in-Picture Mode Is Finally Rolling Out To All iOS Users

Get ready for your video-watching habits to be forever changed if you have an iPhone because YouTube is FINALLY letting ALL users use its picture-in-picture mode on iOS!

The company announced earlier this week that both premium and non-premium YouTube users will soon be able to simultaneously watch videos on your phone while doing other stuff like texting, answering emails, or scrolling through Twitter.

The feature was previously exclusive to anyone with a YouTube Premium account, but will slowly be rolled out the next few weeks to any iOS device running iOS 15 or higher.

To see whether you have access to the feature, go to the YouTube app, try playing a video and then leaving the YouTube app to go to your home screen or another app. If picture-in-picture is enabled for your account, the video should automatically pop out into a floating window.

You can also check for the feature by tapping your profile picture in the top right of the YouTube app, going to Settings > General, and checking for a toggle labeled “Picture-in-Picture.”

Happy multi-tasking!

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