The Gym Pet Peeves That Bother People The Most

Close-up of dumbbells on rack at gym

Photo: Getty Images

What is your biggest pet peeve someone does at the gym that immediately sets you off? Turns out if you're like most people then it's someone not cleaning equipment after using it!

According to a new poll, almost 69% of Americans say not cleaning equipment is their biggest pet peeve and there's nothing worse than sitting down to use a machine and getting drenched in leftover sweat that's not even yours.

Here are some of the other biggest pet peeves that made the list, but what is yours and did it make the below list:

  • Not cleaning equipment after using it
  • Coming to the gym when you’re sick
  • Machine hogs (staying on equipment when you're not even using it)
  • Listening to music without headphones/taking calls
  • Not putting equipment away
  • Flirting with people while working out
  • Making weird grunts/noises while working out

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