This Hotel Room In Ibiza Is Completely Free But Everyone Can See You

We're all looking for deals when it comes to traveling for vacation, but this hotel in Ibiza might have the perfect hookup if you're looking to snag a deal because they'll let you stay for free as long as everyone can see you!

The "Zero Suite" at Paradiso Art Hotel is a room closed off by see-through walls and is located in the hotel's lobby so everyone will see you going to sleep or chilling in the room, but it is completely free.

The room went viral over the weekend thanks to guests who shared their experience on TikTok, which you can see below, and as long as you're fine with drunk people coming back to the hotel trying to bother you then this is a free night during your vacation.

Luckily the bathroom in the room is walled off so that nobody can see you do your business, but if you're a person who doesn't mind having people watch you sleep then you can book your stay HERE!

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