Hoody Reviews 'Thor: Love and Thunder' In 60 Seconds Or Less

I got to see Thor: Love and Thunder a little early and despite what I've been seeing in reviews, I had a GOOD time with the film and for me it was everything I wanted in a sequel to Thor: Raganarok!

Taika Waititi returns to direct the film and it definitely felt like the MCU's version of a rom-com between Thor and Jane Foster throughout the film. Not only did I laugh pretty much every other minute of the film, but Waititi really made you feel invested in Thor and Jane's relationship, which is one of the oldest relationships in the MCU.

Here are some of my initial, SPOILER-FREE, thoughts on the film and what stood out to me just in case you need more (or less) incentive to watch it:

  • You really only need to see Thor: Ragnarok and potentially Avengers: Endgame just to immediately recognize where Thor starts his journey in this film and to brace yourself for Taika Waititi's directing style.
  • The color palette in this film is beautiful and to me is worth seeing it in a Dolby or IMAX setting to see all the colors on screen.
  • Christian Bale's Gorr the God Butcher might be one of the better villains in the MCU since Thanos and you can tell Bale had fun on screen playing the character.
  • The movie is under TWO HOURS LONG, which compared to other MCU movies is short and at times I do wish we could've stayed with some scenes for more impact.
  • Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie does take a backseat to Thor and Jane's relationship on-screen and I hope in a future Thor movie we get more of a focus on her dynamic with Thor.
  • There are TWO end-credits scenes with one adding a BIG character to the MCU and one potentially expanding the cosmic realm of the MCU so stay until the very end.

Watch my full review for Thor: Love and Thunder below:

I'm giving Thor: Love and Thunder 8.7 out of 10 Mjolnir Hammers and while Love and Thunder isn't going to change the face of the MCU as we know it, it's an enjoyable time throughout that left me ready for more adventures with Thor and the gang! Thor: Love and Thunder is in theaters starting on July 8th!

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