DiGiorno Is Releasing Its Own Ice Cream Cones And Flavors In July

DiGiorno might be changing the game because after they released their breakfast pizzas earlier this year, the pizza brand is stepping into the dessert game with their Croissant Crust ice cream cones and ice cream flavors!

To celebrate National Ice Cream Day on July 17m the brand is releasing ice cream cones made with their crust that apparently taste like a croissant and on top of that they are releasing their own ice cream flavors: Strawberry Tomato Basil and Parmesan Cheese.

Apparently Strawberry Tomato Basil "combines the tangy sweetness of tomato and strawberry jam with notes of herb and pepper" and Parmesan Cheese "celebrates the cheesy goodness of a pizza."

The only way you can score the ice cream flavors and cones is through an online sweepstakes where you can win a kit from DiGiorno from July 7-17th. You can go HERE to participate and see if ice cream pizza is where it's at or not!

If you’re intrigued on how you can get your hands on these ice cream flavors and special cones they will be available exclusively through an online sweepstakes from July 7 -17. To enter, visit this link and follow the directions on-screen for a chance to win a kit.

Also can we just talk about how we're one step closer to ice cream pizza and Ms. Marvel might have brought it to culture relevancy!?

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