Nighttime Habits That Are Actually Ruining Your Sleep

Lady messaging on smartphone in bed

Photo: Getty Images

We're all guilty of looking at our phones for a few minutes while trying to go to sleep, but there actually other nighttime habits that might be affecting your sleep!

According to sleep experts these "harmless" nighttime habits actually negatively impact your sleep and if you're having trouble sleeping or keep waking up throughout the night then these are the causes why:

  • Bedtime procrastination - Trying to play catch-up on your to-do list at night can lead to poor overall sleep quality.
  • Drinking alcohol before bed -It can prevent deep sleep and REM sleep, and also keep you awake as you may frequently need to use the bathroom!
  • Interacting with technology - The blue light and interactive nature of phones are both wake-prompting.
  • Evening workouts - If it makes you break a sweat, avoid it at least an hour before bedtime.
  • Not having a wind-down routine - Relaxing before bed helps the brain produce melatonin.
  • Eating high-sugar foods - You don’t want your blood sugar levels to spike before bed so maybe avoid that last-minute dessert!
  • Keeping the temperature too warm - Your body actually needs a slight temperature drop to initiate and maintain sleep.
  • Spending too much time in bed - You’ll have more time awake in bed than asleep.
  • Using your bedroom as an office - You’re associating your bedroom with wakefulness rather than sleep.

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