This 'Zero Star Hotel' Gives Guests A Room With No Walls For $380 A Night

Hater angry hotel guest gesturing thumbs down

Photo: Getty Images

Not every hotel needs to necessarily be five-stars, but this new hotel might be pushing that because it doesn't have any walls or ceilings for the room!

Two Swiss concept artists have created a hotel room next to a local gas station where they live in Switzerland that has no walls, ceilings, or doors and costs $380 a night to stay in the "open-air room."

Obviously, the room wasn't created with the intention of making a profit off their location, but to make guests "think about the problems in the world and inspire to act differently."

Oddly enough, the "room/suite" comes with a butler and offers free drinks and breakfast, and you already know people will want to stay here just for social media!

You can see what the "room" looks like below and if you're interested in staying then you can book the "room" HERE!

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