Woman Goes Viral For Calling Out Her Man Wearing Socks At The Beach

Low Section Of Person Wearing Socks Standing On Sand

Photo: Getty Images

What weird thing did you see someone wear at the beach? Turns out wearing socks on the beach can make you go viral on TikTok!

A woman in Australia went viral over the weekend after she shared her reaction to seeing her American boyfriend wearing socks at the beach and it might be one of the most relatable things since I'm from Virginia Beach.

Sure you may have heard of "shoebies" before which is when someone wears shoes to the beach instead of flip-flops or sandals, but I guess "sockbies" is a new fad!?

Apparently the woman's boyfriend was visiting out of town and most of the comments were on the woman's side for her reaction, but let this just be a friendly reminder that just because you go to the beach all the time and know what to wear that it doesn't mean everyone else knows!

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