Sleeping With A Fan On Could Be Terrible For You According To Experts


Photo: Getty Images

You might want to lower the speed of your ceiling fan or turn it off completely at night if you're worried about your skin health!

Now that we're fully in summer you might use a ceiling fan or portable fan to not have to lower your AC as much, but it might not be good for your skin health according to experts.

As explained by Sleep Advisor, fans blow dry air around the room, which could lead to dry skin and sinus issues which can eventually lead to your nose feeling stuffy and sinus headaches right when you wake up,

At the same time, you may wake up with sore muscles because concentrated cool air can make your body tense up and cramp right when you wake up and cause you to feel even groggier.

Experts recommend setting a time on your ceiling fan/portable fan to turn off about an hour into your sleep that way you feel ready to go the next day, but you can read more HERE!

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