A VHS Copy of 'Back to the Future' Just Sold For $75,000

You might want to check your family's old VHS tapes because a copy of Back to the Future just sold at an auction for $75,000 earlier this week!

Heritage Auctions sold the 1986 VHS tape, from the collection of Back to the Future star Tom Wilson, who played Biff Tannen in the trilogy of films, and the tape was even in its original shrink wrap from when the movie first released on VHS.

The final price is believed to be the highest sum ever paid for a VHS tape and was sold with Wilson's other mint-versions of the Back to the Future films where he also included a handwritten note for each tape.

Obviously, your family probably isn't holding onto VHS tapes that are still in their shrink-wrap, but you might want to re-evaluate the films you have before selling them off or donating them!

Also you can relive the first film's ICONIC DeLorean scene below!


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