You Should Sleep Separately From Your Partner According To TikTok

Young couple lying on single beds, ignoring each other

Photo: Getty Images

Do you sleep better with or without your partner? According to this doctor on TikTok you most likely sleep worse with your partner!

Dr. Karan Rajan normally posts on his TikTok about common health myths, but he recently went viral after he shared that sharing abed with your partner is negatively impacting your sleep.

Rajan explains in the video below that all the noises and disruptions the other person in your bed could cause prevents you from getting into a deep sleep cycle which is what you need to feel rested the next day.

At the same time, your partner's body heat can prevent you from getting deep sleep because your body temperature isn't dropping for you to get sleep and you end up "hot and bothered."

This isn't to say you need to get separate beds in your master bedroom, but it's totally okay if you both don't cuddle every night for your sleep health!

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