This Woman Sold All Of Her Ex's Funko Pops For $12,000


Photo: Getty Images

This might be the ultimate ex revenge story because a woman went viral over the weekend on Reddit after she shared how she sold her ex's $12,000 Funko Pop collection after she kicked him out.

Apparently, the woman's ex moved into her place after he was laid off from his job, but what she wasn't counting on was him spending over $15,000 of her own money on his Funko collection among other things.

Oddly enough, she let him bring his over collection with over 200 different Funko Pops into her place and after she had enough of him because he would just sit at home all day, she kicked him out and sold his collection to repay the debts he had caused.

Fortunately for her, her ex's collection was worth almost $12,000 so while he never really repaid her for all the damage he did to her bank account, at least she doesn't have to stare at Funko Pops staring back at her anymore!

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