Velveeta Released Nail Polish That Smells Like Cheese

Do you call yourself a "cheese aficionado?" Velveeta is here to help you express your love for cheese even more with their new nail polish that actually smells like cheese!

Velveeta partnered with UK company Nails. INC to create the Velveeta Pinkies Polish Collection that includes two different nail polishes that both smell like cheese when you first put them on your nails.

The two polishes include:

  • La Dolce Velveeta – Velveeta’s golden color and apparently it smells like mac ‘n’ cheese ($15)
  • Finger Food – This one’s fire engine red, but has the same cheese scent ($15)

If you're ready to smell cheese wherever you go then you can get the nail polish on Nails.INC's website or Amazon, but just get ready for people to ask what that smell is every time you enter the room!

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