This Disney Employee Completely Shut Down This Marriage Proposal


Photo: Getty Images

Turns out that if you want to propose at Disney World or any other Disney property that you might want to watch out for overzealous cast members at the parks!

In case you missed it, a couple at Disneyland Paris went viral over the weekend after an overzealous employee interrupted their proposal by snatching up the ring box and telling them to move out of the way.

The video, which you can see below, went MEGA-viral over the weekend and apparently the guy proposing did ask for permission to propose in a specific spot on property. However, someone must not have told the employee working that day who most likely did what he was trained to do if guests were on things they weren't supposed to be on.

Disneyland Paris has issued an apology to the couple and luckily the woman did say yes to the proposal, but here's hoping Disney put's them in the Cinderella Suite for their honeymoon to make amends!

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