Fandango Revealed The Top Concessions Americans Purchase At The Theater

Midsection of friends sharing popcorn while sitting in theater

Photo: Getty Images

What is your go-to snack at the movie theater? Turns out if you're like most Americans it either involves popcorn or Twizzlers!

Fandango just released its annual "Concessions Confessions" survey where it pooled over 2,500 people on what their choices were in movie snacks and the go-to haul of movie snacks was movie theater popcorn, Twizzlers, and a Coke (regular, diet, Coke Zero or flavored Coke) to wash it all down.

Junior Mints were voted the top retro candy and Peanut M&M's also ranked as the favorite chocolate-based candy, but the survey also found that 83% of people think movie theater popcorn tastes better than normal popcorn you can get at the store or make at home.

You can read more form the "Concession Confessions" HERE, but just get ready for a TON of people to be chewing on Twizzlers this summer at the movies!

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