How To Increase Your Chance of Sitting Next To An Empty Seat On Your Flight

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There's nothing better than getting on your flight and seeing the doors close and nobody is sitting next to you, but did you know there are small ways you can ensure nobody sits next to you on your flight besides acting weird!?

Flight experts at Travel Codex shared some of their tips on how to get a little more legroom in your row and they can be done on both international and domestic flights. Here are their tips:

  1. Always take an aisle seat! The window should be your fallback if there aren’t any available for reasons that will be obvious when you read the next piece of advice.
  2. Try to keep the middle seat open. In a 3-3-3 seating configuration, choose a seat on the left or right, as people are less likely to pick to avoid having to climb over someone to get out.
  3. Choose a seat near the back of the plane. Gate agents will generally move from the front to the back when assigning seats to those who don’t already have their seats preassigned.
  4. Choose a seat next to one empty seat as opposed to near a bunch of empty seats, as people traveling in groups will be looking for those large open areas.

There's still no guarantee any of this will work, but at least you can head to the airport knowing you did what you could.

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