'Night Luxe' Is The New Aesthetic You'll See Everyone Try On Social Media

Luxury Hotel First Class  Restaurant

Photo: Getty Images

Have you started to notice that your friends are posting more about the fancy places they go to more on social media than they used to?

Turns out you're not alone and it's all thanks to a new trend/aesthetic called "night luxe!"

The new aesthetic is taking over Instagram and TikTok and is usually marked by an expensive taste in clothes and an even more expensive taste in drinks. You might also be able to tell if someone is posting about the dimly-lit restaurants and bars they're going to that seem super-expensive.

The tag #nightluxe on TikTok has more than 31.2M views and is about curating "a life that is more bougie, more interesting, and more glamorous than the one you’re currently living."

You can see below for examples of what "night luxe" looks like, but if you're like me then you can already list a few people who are living the "night luxe" life!

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