Adidas & Gucci Are Selling A $1,300 Umbrella That's Not Waterproof

How much did you spend on the umbrella you use when going to work or traveling? If you're like most people it was most likely under $20, but a new collab between Adidas and Gucci is asking you to spend a little more on an umbrella that's not even waterproof for $1,290!

The umbrella is part of a larger collection that features collabs between both brands that releases on June 7th, but while the umbrella looks cool, it's definitely not worth the price tag when you can only really use it for decorative use and against the sun.

Now the umbrella does feature a "G-shaped handle" and a print design combining the logos of Gucci and Adidas which you can see below, but even if your customer service reps are having to tell people that it has a "high collector's value" then it might not be worth the cost.

Yeah, I think we'll just stick with the $10 umbrella we can get at Walmart and Target!

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