This Baseball Fan Ran Away From A Foul Ball And Let It Hit His Girlfriend

Baseball Excitement

Photo: Getty Images

Something must be in the air because this is the second time a boyfriend has gone viral for massively-failing when it comes to foul balls and their girlfriends because another baseball fan went viral for running away from a foul ball and letting it hit his girlfriend in her face!

Over the weekend, the TCU Horned Frogs and the Kansas Jayhawks played each other and even though the Horned Frogs "sweeped" the JayHawks, this fan made the ultimate mistake in the game's sixth inning/

During the game a pop-up ball was hit towards the stands and instead of trying to catch the ball one fan completely ran away from it and left his girlfriend all alone to defend herself.

You can see in the video below what happens, but the ball ricochets off the steps and bounces right into the girlfriend's face while her man was twenty feet away.

You already know they had a fun argument at the end of the game!

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