People Are Recording Concerts With A Nintendo 3DS In 2022

Say what you will about the world in 2022, but people at concerts might have become stranger because people are now using old their old Nintendo 3DS to film concert footage!

It's not clear who started the trend, but if you look up your favorite artists with "3DS footage" in 2022 you will most likely see someone either taking photos or really bad video via their Nintendo 3DS that they also used for Pokémon or Animal Crossing a few years ago.

The even weirder thing is that the maximum resolution of the 3DS camera is 640×480 pixels and most of the recorded concert audio will blow your eardrums out because the microphone wasn't that good on the system.

Now who knows how long this trend will continue, but we can't wait to see someone standing next to the iPad guy at a concert flip open their 3DS and begin to film their concert footage!

You can see some Nintendo 3DS users in the wild at concerts across the US below!


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