This Financial Firm Pays Employees With Gold Instead Of Salaries

Woman holding gold bullion ,business and trading concept

Photo: Getty Images

Would you be okay with your boss paying you weekly with gold instead of a salary? That's what one financial firm in London is currently doing in a new trial program with its employees!

The firm is called TallyMoney and is made up of 20 employees, but instead of getting paid with normal paychecks, the CEO pays each employee their normal salary-worth in gold instead of pounds in the UK.

The CEO claims the British pound's value is "eroding further with each passing day," while gold holds its value longer which is why he has decided to implement the payment policy.

Employees obviously have the choice to opt into the program, and they don't take home a bag of gold with them every week if they do participate because the firm keeps track of how much gold every employee earns and cashes out for them whenever.

What weird thing were you paid with instead of cash? At least gold beats getting gift cards to the store your work in!

You can read more about the financial firm HERE!

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