This Bride And Groom Were Set On Fire During Their Wedding Exit

Man in a protective suit wrapped in flames

Photo: Getty Images

If you or your partner have an outrageous request for your wedding just know that it's not as crazy as this because a couple just went viral on TikTok for setting themselves on fire while leaving their wedding!

Normally when a bride and groom are leaving the wedding reception you usually have guests throw confetti or use sparklers to send them off, but this couple who are both stunt professionals decided to take it up a notch by walking out on fire.

You can see the video below, which has since gone viral on TikTok, but both the bride and groom prepare to leave their wedding where someone uses a blowtorch to set both of them on fire and they don't even bat an eye.

They even have a "superhero moment" where the flames go out and fire extinguishers cool them off, but you already know people are going to try and up the ante later this year!

Also we can't wait to see what they pull off for their future gender reveal if they have kids!

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