These Are The Top 'Dealbreakers' On A First Date

Rude Behaviour

Photo: Getty Images

What was the worst first date you've ever been on? Was it because the other person had a weird thing they did? Did they show up late? According to a new survey, those are some of the biggest dealbreakers for first dates.

The survey was conducted in the UK, so it might vary in the US, but they found the top "icks" on a first date that instantly turned people off from their date and the top dealbreaker was if the other person was being rude to the waitstaff.

Here are some of the other dealbreakers you might want to avoid/look out for on your next date:

  • Being rude to waitstaff
  • Arriving to the date late
  • Only speaking about yourself/Not letting the other person speak
  • Splitting the bill OR Not offering to split the bill (really depends on your date)
  • Only ordering cheap items from a menu.
  • Ordering food or drinks on your date's behalf without asking what they actually want

Turns out the morale of the story is to just make sure you show up on-time and be a nice person!

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