This Woman Went Viral For Revealing How To Actually Open An English Muffin

Homemade Toasted English Muffins

Photo: Getty Images

How do you normally open an English muffin? If you're like me then you've most likely been doing it wrong thanks to this viral TikTok a woman posted over the weekend!

TikTok user @r_eginageorge recently went viral for her "realization video" where she learned how to properly open an English muffin and it doesn't involve a knife or losing a large portion of your muffin in crumbs.

Apparently you can actually open the breakfast staple by rolling it in your hand along the perforated edge and almost "folding" the muffin along its creases, but it turns out nobody really does this because her video has over a MILLION views on it.

Breakfast will now be forever changed!

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