McDonald's Is Offering Free Food For Mercury Retrograde

Exterior of newly re-designed McDonalds location

Photo: Getty Images

Mercury is currently in Retrograde through June 3rd and while this might mean bad luck for you, McDonald's is hoping to give you some good news with FREE food!

Starting today you can get a free McChicken or McDouble with the purchase of medium fries on the McDonald's app in honor of Mercury being in Retrograde and it already gives us a glimmer of hope!

If you haven't heard of "Mercury Retrograde" before, it happens whenever the planet Mercury is actually moving slower than Earth around The Sun since because most of the time it moves faster than Earth.

What this means for us mainly is that people who are attuned to their astrological signs believe that this occurrence affects their horoscopes. At least you can get free McDonald's to compensate for the next month of horribleness!

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