A British Man Went Viral For Rescuing Lost Nintendogs Puppies

Almost everyone had either a Tamagotchi, Digimon, or a copy of Nintendogs back in the day to prepare you for actually getting a pet, but a British man is going viral for "rescuing" abandoned Nintendogs puppies and it might be one of the most heartwarming video game stories ever!

Nintendogs was a popular video game where you were tasked with taking care of virtual puppies on your Nintendo DS in case you never played it and this man went viral for finding a discarded copy of the game on the floor of his train while going to work.

Since finding the game he's been sharing his journey on TikTok where he found out that the virtual puppies had last been played with years ago and only been played with for less than an hour.

Even though they are virtual fake pets, you kind of feel for them a little bit, but they’re in a good home now! You can see the TikTok below, but this might be a good reminder to check in on your Tamagotchi or Nintendogs from back in the day!

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