'Dirty' Soda Is TikTok's Latest Drink Trend Thanks To Olivia Rodrigo

Chalk another one up to TikTok because we now rant to try pouring milk into our favorite soda to create "Dirty Soda!"

Dirty soda, in its most basic form, is soda with milk in it and before TikTok it was mainly a drink popular in Utah; however, thanks to the social media app and Olivia Rodrigo, the drink is getting the glow up right now.

The three ingredients of any dirty soda are soda, milk or creamer, and a general trust in the process, but people don't stop there because you can then add any other flavored syrups or juices to change up what you're sipping on.

You can see the Olivia Rodrigo post that put "Dirty Soda" even more on the map and get ready for places like Starbucks to offer these concoctions!

You can also see a review of Dirty Soda on TikTok below!

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