This Woman Caught Her Cheating Husband Thanks To A Disney Ride Photo

Splash Mountain


This cheating story sounds like it would be perfect for War of the Roses because a woman actually caught her cheating spouse thanks to a ride photo he took with their nanny at Disney World!

TikTok user @ibizadaze went viral last month after she was looking through her family's photos at Disney World in Orlando and actually saw that her nanny was a little too close to her husband while riding Splash Mountain.

Originally the video went viral on TikTok of her sharing her story, but it has since been made available and apparently this is where the woman was able to connect the dots that her spouse was cheating on her.

You can see her follow-up video to the original video being taken down below and let this be a friendly reminder that cheaters always get caught, even at the most magical place on earth!

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