New Survey Finds Half Of Single Men Wash Their Sheets Every Four Months

Charming beautiful couple in love making the bed together and having fun.

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When was the last time you or your partner changed the sheets on your bed? Turns out almost half of single men don't change their sheets until after four months of using them!

According to a new survey in the UK, 45% of single men admitted to waiting four months before washing their sheets, which if you do the math equates to three times a year and we're already shuddering a little bit thinking of all the dirt and nastiness in those sheets.

Single women on the other hand fared much better as 62% said they changed their sheets every two weeks and now we feel a little better when we don't have the energy to clean our sheets when dealing with a hangover or feeling lazy after a week of sleeping in them.

Now this doesn't mean every single guy's sheets are going to be clean, but you might want to do a sniff test before sleeping at their place after a date or at least take a shower beforehand!

You can read more from the survey HERE!

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