This Woman Went Viral For Teaching Her Dog To Play Hopscotch

TikTok is home to a TON of hacks and tutorials that can better your life, but did you know that you can also teach your pets new tricks by following animal trainers?

A dog trainer just went viral for showing people how to teach your dog how to play hopscotch and it might be one of the most adorable and coolest tricks we've ever seen a dog do!

In the video, which you can see below, you can see all the training pay off as the trainer's three-year-old cocker spaniel actually takes the correct steps on a foam hopscotch play area and now we can't wait to see it do the same trick on the sidewalk!

What trick did you teach your pet to master from TikTok? Time to start upping the game with our pets so that they can pay their part of rent with TikTok views!

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