Nike Is Selling Virtual Sneakers For Up To $186,000 In The Metaverse

Nike store logo, London, UK

Photo: Getty Images

Get ready to spend a small fortune on shoes you can't even wear because Nike is officially selling shoes you can only wear in the Metaverse!

The shoe brand launched the Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks earlier this month that can be bought as NFTs and only 20,000 of them were made so you know people are going crazy over them.

Over $14 MILLION has been spent on the digital shoes with the average person spending $10,500-$12,500 for a pair, but if you want to customize them it's an addition al $3,500.

Someone was so obsessed with the shoes that they spent over $186,000 on shoes they don't even get a real version of and fingers crossed they told everyone else what they were doing beforehand.

The collection was made in collaboration with RTFKT, a virtual sneaker designer that was acquired last year by Nike and owners of the shoes can do online quests to make their shoes more valuable, but this seems too fancy for us!

You can see what the shoes look like below!

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