KFC Is Offering Fried Chicken Floral Arrangements For Mother's Day

Still searching for that perfect gift to get your mom for Mother's Day next week? KFC has you covered with a gift she's definitely going to remember!

KFC is offering a "Kentucky Fried Buckquet" from May 1st to 3rd and it's essentially a floral arrangement composed of a mix of flowers and fried chicken so you technically have Mother's Day brunch/dinner covered too.

The Kentucky Fried Buckquet will be available to anyone who orders a KFC Sides Lover Meal via either the KFC app or KFC.com and you'll be given a promo code to redeem a floral arrangement from Proflowers to create your fried chicken bouquet.

Now if you're wondering why KFC does Mother's Day promotions like this, just know that Mother's Day is actually one of the chain's biggest sales days of the year so a TON of people are probably going to use this promotion.

You can see what the Kentucky Fried Buckquet looks like below or by going HERE!

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