Starbucks Is Selling Plantable Gift Cards

Starbucks might be forever changing the gift card game with this idea because they are now selling plantable gift cards that you can reuse and turn into flowers when you're done with the gift card!

Starbucks isn't the first company to offer a plantable gift card, but it's the first big company that is making their small plastic cards more eco-friendly. According to a Starbucks spokesperson, these gift cards use seed paper to reach their final flower form and feature various flower colors in every gift card.

To actually plant the gift card you'll have to moisten the card and plant the card underneath a pot full of soil. After it’s planted, make sure to water the spot regularly like any other plant and they should sprout in one to two weeks.

Plantable gift cards are available in stores only at participating locations while supplies last, so you might want to snag one on your next Starbucks run!

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