Maryland And Virginia Topped The States With The Longest Commutes

Traffic jam at road.Background blurred

Photo: Getty Images

It's official! Maryland and Virginia just ranked as two of the top states in the US with the longest commutes times in 2022!

New research just revealed that while the average commute time in the US is 26.9 minutes, both Maryland and Virginia well surpassed that with a 33-minute and 28.6-minute average commute time.

New York took the top spot with the longest commute in the US, but something tells us that researchers didn't look at commuters who drive from anywhere in the DMV and have to deal with traffic because you're looking at driving for at least 40 minutes if taking the beltway!

Here were the top ten states with the longest commutes, which you might want to avoid during rush hour when visiting:

  1. New York
  2. Maryland
  3. New Jersey
  4. Massachusetts
  5. California
  6. Illinois
  7. Georgia
  8. Virginia
  9. Washington
  10. Florida

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