What You Can Do If Your Flight Gets Delayed According To Airline Workers

Group of people standing in queue at boarding gate

Photo: Getty Images

As the world slowly gets back to normal everyone is playing catch-up with their travel plans and did you know you might be able to get a TON of perks if your flight gets delayed or cancelled?

An airline worker and travel blogger named Natalie recently went viral on TikTok for sharing her tips on what to do if your flight is canceled and some of her tips could be life-savers for your potential trip.

According to her, you always want to search your airline's "Passenger Bill of Rights" because it will actually let you know what kind of compensation you can get for having a long delay or if your flight gets canceled in different scenarios.

At the same time, she suggests always having the airline's app downloaded because it will normally update faster with new information before the airline employee at the gate will find out.

You can learn more of her tips below, but just know that unfortunately weather delays don't necessarily apply because they are out of the airline's control.

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