This Restaurant Gives Discounts To Customers Who Lock Their Phones Away

Woman taking photo of food with smartphone while having lunch with friends in restaurant

Photo: Getty Images

Would you be willing to last an entire meal without your phone if you were given a 20% discount at the end of the meal?

That's what a restaurant in Kent, England is going viral for after multiple customers shared their experiences on locking their phones in a tabletop jail cell to get a discount on their meal.

Customers are apparently given keys to the padlock for their phone jail cell and if they don't open it at all then their server will give them a discount and 20% is no laughing joke because that could save you a ton if your meal is over $100!

You can see what their tabletop jail cell looks like below, but can we make this a thing for restaurants in the US? We'd be all about this as long as we can silence our phone beforehand!

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