Someone Has Watched 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Over 292 Times In Theaters

How many times have you seen your favorite movie in theaters? Turns out there's a Guinness World Record and someone just set the record by watching Spider-Man: No Way Home!

The fan has watched No Way Home over 292 times between December 16th and March 15, 2022 and he's still seeing the movie to keep his record as high as it can be.

Apparently to set the record the man had to stay in his seat with his attention on the screen for the entire film and he wasn't allowed to take bathroom breaks during the film.

He's also spent over $3,4000 on tickets to achieve the record and I feel like this is when you just need to invest in a MoviePass or film pass with your theater of choice!

This might be one record we don't attempt just to save our wallets!

Also in case you still haven't seen Spider-Man: No Way Home, you can check the trailer out below!


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