This Is What Those 'Airplane Chimes' Really Mean During Your Flight

Female hand press blue button on plane.

Photo: Getty Images

Have you ever wondered what those in-flight chimes really mean while traveling in an airplane? Turns out they're all not as bad as you initially think!

I just flew back from Orlando for my family vacation to Disney World and throughout our flights I would consistently hear "chime sounds" that I thought meant the pilots were trying to talk with us, but it turns out not all chimes mean the same thing.

According to a flight attendant who went viral on TikTok, the two-toned beeps are actually used to signal the cabin crew with two chimes meaning “one flight attendant is trying to call another flight attendant, or the flight deck is trying to call us."

If you hear "three chimes" then it signals an emergency in-flight and if you only hear "one chime" it actually is just another passenger calling one of the flight attendants from their seat.

You can see the viral video below, but here's hoping we never hear three chimes while flying!

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