The Average American Walks Almost 6,000 Steps Every Day

smart band, women touching fitness smart band after workout

Photo: Getty Images

How many times are you making your goal for steps every day according to your fitness tracker of choice? Turns out most of us aren't getting to 10,000 steps a day even if our FitBits recommend us to!

A new survey finds that the average American actually walks 5,900 steps a day and now I feel a little bit better about not hitting 10,000 steps every day if everyone else isn't either!

Turns out the most common way people earn their steps, especially in the DMV, is through walking to their job or school and by climbing stairs at work. There's no word on if everyone makes their stair goal for the day or not, but that one's pretty easy if you live in an apartment complex.

Other common ways people get their steps in include: exercising, going for walks, running errands, and walking a pet so if you're looking for ways to up your step-count then just take a walk around the neighborhood!

You can read more from the survey HERE!

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