New Study Claims Owning A Plant Makes You A Better Partner

A Young Woman Waters Her Houseplants

Photo: Getty Images

Have you felt the need to take care of more plants in your life than you used to? Turns out you're not alone because a growing number of Gen-Z and Millennials are becoming "plant-parents" and apparently it makes them look like better partners on dating apps!

According to a new survey from CraftJack, over 63% of people have added to their plant collection during the pandemic and the terms "plant mom" and "plant Dad" were up almost 30% in the past year on dating apps like Tinder.

The more interesting thing is that 35% of the same people surveyed said other people’s house plant ownership was a serious turn-on and it's a rising trend on other dating apps as well.

Now this doesn't necessarily mean someone owning a plant is a better partner than someone else, but here are some of the indicators it can mean when someone is a "plant parent:"

  • Caring For Plants May Reveal A Lot About Who They Are
  • Plants Are Good For You And Your Relationship
  • Plant Lovers Are Curious By Nature
  • Plants Are The New Pets, Which Are The New Babies
  • Plants Bring People Together

To learn more about the survey you can go HERE, but this might give you or your partner another reason to get a new plant in your life!

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