IKEA Will Pay You To Give Your Old Furniture Back

IKEA Store

Photo: Getty Images

Last year you might have heard that IKEA in international locations was starting a "Buy Back & Resell" program where customers could bring back old furniture in exchange for a voucher to buy new furniture and now the program is starting in the US as of TODAY!!!

The Swedish furniture and home goods chain is making the program permanent across its 37 US stores where any furniture that is fully-assembled and functional can be brought in for store credit.

Items that are accepted with the program include: office drawer cabinets, sideboards, bookcases, small tables, multimedia furniture, cabinets, dining tables, desks, and chairs and each item will be inspected before being given the store credit where it will be sold in their "as is" section by the checkout lanes.

Just get ready for the return/customer service line to be extra busy from now on at IKEA because you'll also have to deal with people trying to get credit for their furniture, but at least you don't have to regret throwing away your used LACK side table!


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