This Hiring Manager Texted A Future Hire That They Were A 'Piece Of Crap'

Female entrepreneur with headache sitting at desk

Photo: Getty Images

Getting rejected from a job is always the worst, but at least you didn't have to deal with what this woman on TikTok did after her hiring manager told her she was a "piece of crap" in an accidental text!

TikTok user @Madumjas recently shared how she applied to a job earlier in the month and the job's hiring manager actually texted her out of the blue asking if she was still interested in the job.

However, what nobody was expecting was the hiring manger also accidentally telling her that she was a "piece of crap" at the end of the text.

You can see her reaction in her video below and while most people assume it was a text-to-voice fail, you already know the company is trying to make it up to the woman to save face!

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