Men's Underwear Sales Can Predict The Economy

Young man undoing his pants

Photo: Getty Images

When was the last time you bought you or your partner new underwear? Turns out whenever you last did was when the economy was looking pretty good in the US according to a former Federal Reserve head.

Apparently underwear sales, specifically men's underwear sales are usually stable whenever the world is in a normal economic state, but when something happens, like the pandemic, men's underwear sales go down.

Sounds weird, right? But it's of the strange ways experts try to predict booms and busts in the economy and they even look at lipstick sales and the number of people paying for dating services to evaluate the economy.

Also just saying this right now, but if you haven't purchased new underwear since before 2019 then it might be time to invest in a value pack for your tush!

You can learn more about the "men's underwear index" HERE!


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