'The Batman' Has Released Its Deleted Joker Scene

Even though The Batman has been in theaters for a few weeks now, we're still getting treated to NEW Batman content because the film's director Matt Reeves just released one of the film's most talked-about deleted scenes on the Internet.

While we knew The Batman had an end-credits scene that led you to a real website promoting the movie, the film just updated the website that reveals a deleted scene focused on Barry Keoghan's Joker who we only get a glimpse of at the end of the film in Arkham Asylum with Paul Dano's Riddler.

In the scene, which you can see below, we see Batman pay a visit to see Joker sort of like Silence of the Lambs to learn more info about The Riddler and while it doesn't add much to the film, it does give us a glimpse at what this version of The Joker could look like in a future series or movie.

Also can we just talk about how Barry Keoghan is making bank after being in both Eternals and The Batman within six months of each other!?

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