Experts Say These Are The Hobbies Of The Most Boring People

Bored young woman with smartphone lying on bed indoors at home.

Photo: Getty Images

Everyone has their own definition of what is "boring" and what isn't, but an all new study just established the interests/hobbies of the "most boring people in the world."

According to a study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin earlier this year where participants were tasked with ranking jobs and hobbies based on how "boring" they were, there are actually five different hobbies that if put together make the "most boring person in the world."

Here are some of the hobbies that hopefully you don't do every week (especially #4 and #5):

  1. Sleeping a lot
  2. Going to church
  3. Watching TV
  4. Bird-watching and other similar nature-based hobbies
  5. Enjoying math

Now we don't know how sleeping a lot is ranked as a boring hobby because it's our passion, but to each their own!

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