Nine Signs You’re Being Sex-Zoned

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We're all pretty familiar with what being friend-zoned means, especially after the Ryan Reynolds movie Just Friends, but have you been "sex-zoned" in a relationship without realizing it?

According to Metro, while being in the friend zone implies "you’re trapped into being seen solely as a friend," being in the sex zone means "being seen as a sex object or conquest and not a whole person.”

Typically most relationships that involve someone being sex zoned play out in a “friends with benefits” situation, but here are the signs you need to watch out for so you're not sex-zoned in the future:

  1. They always turn any conversation into something sexual
  2. They don’t seem to really be listening to you or care about what you say
  3. They drop you from their life when you’re in a relationship
  4. They drop you from their life when they’re in a relationship
  5. They talk bad about your romantic partners
  6. They hint or joke about being attracted to you but aren’t clear
  7. They expect something in return if they do something nice for you
  8. They claim they’re “just being protective over you”
  9. If you turn them down, they no longer seem to be as interested in you

Also, in case you haven't seen the brilliance of Ryan Reynolds in Just Friends, you can check out the opening scene below!

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