This Baker Accidentally Exposed A Customer's Cheating Husband

Adding Raspberries To Tasteful Blackberry Pie

Photo: Getty Images

If this sounds like a War Of The Roses, then you know your stuff because a pastry chef just went viral on TikTok for revealing that she accidentally told a customer that her husband was cheating on her because of a cake decoration!

TikTok user Wanderlust Sweets recently shared that while she normally creates "naughty cakes" for customers, she wasn't expecting someone to come in asking for a specific cake their husband had ordered.

You can see in the video below what went down, but apparently the customer saw the bakery's charge on their credit card bill and didn't know where it was from so she asked who the cake was for and the baker revealed that the husband purchased "a set of naughty message berries with the name Ashlee" who was the woman's best friend!

You thought roses were enough to catch cheaters in the act, but turns out all you really need is naughty berries!

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